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Whats Happening in Podiatry at SYSSM in 2022?

Podiatry is an ever moving profession with lots of innovations and areas of professional development. I am lucky enough to work alongside a team of talented professionals and engaged clients so it gives me plenty of opportunity to grow. Here's what you can look forward to in 2022.

Running Assessment

Running assessment continues to form a key part of my practice. I'm currently working through the highly regarded Running Repairs Course from Clinical Edge which will improve structure when providing rehab plans for you. It's also highlighted the importance of the mental side of injuries and how I can best support you through what can be a challenging time.

Running Footwear

Running shoes have gone through rapid changes in recent years with the advent of new foams, 3d printed uppers, and increased use of plates within shoes. I will continue to keep you updated with the latest advances in footwear, the theory behind the technology, and what the evidence tells us. Whether it's testing the latest super shoes, or talking to those in the know, ill be there!


I will continue to provide cutting edge custom insoles for you through my partners at Paromed and MotionX. I design and manufacture insoles directly from your foot shape so there's no middle man needed. I will continue to grow my skills to be able to provide the best solution for whatever footwear or activity you need.

Medico Legal Podiatry

Do you know that I conduct podiatry assessments for those those who have suffered a lower limb injury? I work closely with the team at Lex Medicus to provide detailed reports and expert advice for those in need.

Professional Associations

I am a member of the Association Podiatry Assocation (APodA) and Sports and Exercise Podiatry Australia (SEPA) and am currently completing my career pathway to becoming a titled Sports Podiatrist.

If you are interested in any of the following areas, feel free to ask me. It's going to be a busy 2022!

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